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    Saadedge: The Desert Wonder Empty Saadedge: The Desert Wonder

    Post by Lilac on Sat Jul 07, 2018 2:25 am

    Saadedge is one of the few areas in Esterelf that was not directly affected by the war between humans and the Walpurgis. Though its still obliged to follow the Anti-Cantus standards in the treaty, there is less hostility towards those with Cantus, save for the members of the Expiate. Usually some people in Saadedge would allow refuge for Walpurgis they are friends with and more times than not, a lot of nobles hire Walpurgis in order to do their dirty work in the deserts. The sultan himself is rumored to use Walpurgis to do his bidding in private as he fears the Expiate to be abusive and corrupt in Saadedge.

    Witch and Moira activity here is a little low as the open desert makes it hard to get by. However, Saadedge has an amazing number of Incantii and corrupted beasts.

    A current threat Saadedge is facing is a band of free alchemists that go by the name of The Forgotten. Instead of using their alchemy for resources however, they have been known to manipulating bodies and siphoning blood from their victims for unknown reasons.


    Saadedge resides in the Southwest of Esterelf and has an Equatorial Climate.  With hot summers and dry springs, Saadedge is a desert country with only several water holes and a long river channeling through it coming from the ocean it comes in contact with. Its heavy rainfalls are during the winter months but only around an inch or so. However, on a thin strip, rainfall can be extremely heavy and cause floods in its area.

    Since water sources are scarce, small villages will cluster around a town or one source with the next closest city or town being far off. Due to this, small villages will surround towns and cities in clusters rather than be spread out as travel is hard and most resources such as water can only come from one spot. The palace lies at the center of Saadedge while the castles and fortresses of nobles spot the desert and are situated near their respective towns and villages.


    Saadedge is famous for its sources of gold, lapis lazuli, other precious gems, oil and textiles. It's wealth would probably surpass Saoirse's if it was as large and heavily populated. Most minerals and gems found go to the nobles who own the lands as well as to the Sultan. Miners are given either salt or a bread as payment, rarely ever money.

    A few locals can make a living by being merchants at bazaars, however, but their prices are considerably steep due to it being difficult to come by resources. They make most of their earnings by selling to the nobles themselves or travelers.

    Poverty has led to a high crime rate and thieves litter most areas while slums can be found in every town. A few nomads will live away from all of this and trade with other places every time they make a settlement near one.

    Political System:

    Saadedge is a sultanate ruled by Sultan Hakim. It follows a feudal system similar to Saoirse, albeit one that is more noble-privileged and guilds being scarce. Nobles are referred to as Emirs and given lands for their military service to the sultan (blood tax).

    Emirs are more hands on in managing their lands compared to the nobles in Saoirse and demand output on a regular basis. Emirs will usually have more than one wife and concubines that are given as much status as they are and manage the lands while their husbands are away. Women aren't given much position save household matters or keepers.

    The Expiate, like in the rest of the nations, is the main law enforcement, but due to their unpopularity and places being far from one another, it is difficult for them to maintain any authority whatsoever. Law enforcement is therefore mostly trusted to the garrison a noble places in one property.


    The Saads are natural warriors that can sustain the heat as well as harsh weather conditions. Combat is necessary for each individual (particularly men) to learn in order to fend off Corrupted Beasts and Incantii alike. It's tradition for men to volunteer in order to serve their nobles and lords, and most do, but more out of the advantage of a title than honor. Saads also know how to be cunning as honest work never seems to get anyone anywhere in the country.

    Merchants are hard to bargain with and will usually boast about their wares, thieves will prey on naive travelers, and even Emirs stab one another in the back to claim more land.

    Saads find entertainment in watching duels and fighting tournaments and many can be found in melee fights in arenas. If you weren't a noble, you were only as good as how strong you were or how much money you had.

    Many Saads take up mercenary work for foreigners as assassins and are good at what they do.

    One could describe Saads as survivalists who do what they need to in order to get by, even if it means spilling blood or breaking bones on the way.

    Granted, not all people are like this. Some are rather honest folk, but it is these sort of folk that never really make it anywhere. Women also have very small roles and unless they marry, they are stuck doing housework or tending to inns and taverns.

    Notable Places:

    • Bohasamat- Where the Golden Palace resides. It's also trade central and merchants drop by here a lot through the ocean docks and by land travel. It lies at the very north of Saadedge and is a little colder than the rest of the areas.

    • Parranda- one of Saadedge's largest cities and considerably dominated by the Expiate. Due to its heavier population and poverty among the masses, petty crime is common here and a constant problem. Many bounty hunters constantly seek jobs here for that very purpose.

    • Dalcan- a city lying close to the Jade River. It's constantly suffering attacks from corrupted beasts and are at the moment dealing with a troublesome Incantus.

    Notable Factions

    • The Forgotten- A group of Free Alchemists searching for more Cantus users for some strange purpose.

    • Vigilant of Dalcan- a group of hunters set on protecting Dalcan from more corrupted beast threats and Incantii. They have been known to welcome Walpurgis here.

    • The Expiate- an extension of the main Expiate in Saoirse, they are hard at work trying to control the Walpurgis population, but have trouble due to lax Cantus-hostility in the area.

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