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    Current Events in Saadedge


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    Current Events in Saadedge Empty Current Events in Saadedge

    Post by Lilac on Sat Jul 07, 2018 2:26 am

    • Ten people in a tavern were murdered by free alchemists and left with Cantus runes marked on their skin.
    • An Incantus is still at large in Dalcan and seems to be taking refuge in a delta near the city.
    • The Vigilantes of Dalcan have placed ads for hunters to join them due to a huge loss of members during the last Incantus fight.
    • There is rumor about a treasure hidden in the open desert near Parranda.
    • The Expiate has declared it is tightening measures for Walpurgis searching. Houses will be searched every week at random times and resistance will lead to arrest.

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