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    Post by Lilac on Sat Jul 07, 2018 2:05 am

    Name: Claes Alfson
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Race: Human- Carta Mage

    Physical Description: Copper brown hair and amber-eyed, Claes would look like a typical Stahl were it not for her stern disposition. Stiffly postured, head held high and a glare that could kill, she's respected by other Expiates even if she's only been a graduate of the organization for a year. Her hair is tied in a sleek ponytail that falls behind her and she's never seen outside of her blue-coated, white-trousered Expiate garb. The girl is of average height and a lithe build, even with her sickly pale complexion. Her constant scowling and lack of feminine articles or make-up would make it easy for her to disguise herself as a boy if she needed to.

    Role: Claes is a beginner, but stellar Expiate officer of the Stahlmin division. She's often found patrolling Lieger, but will often be shifted to other cities as needed to get the proper amount of exposure (Stahlmin lacking big threats makes it hard to really train against them, doesn't it?). She has her eye on becoming of high rank one day and someday become a commander.

    Background: Claes comes from a line of Expiate officers. Her grandfather was one, her father was one. The position would have gone to a son, but unfortunately for Claes, she was born a girl. While women are most definitely accepted in the Expiate, she feels an extra need to prove herself not just as equals to those around her, but superior to them. It's not a matter of pride or arrogance, but her insane need of control and acceptance hidden deep behind her blunt, no-nonsense scowl.

    Personality: Claes isn't one for shenanigans or hoohaas or lollygagging. When an assignment is given to her, she tries to finish it swiftly and efficiently. Heck, spectacularly. She always tries to do more than what's expected of her and gets annoyed when people get in the way of her goals. She does, however, have a very soft and sensitive side and wonders if she acts too boyish for her own good. She's actually still a young girl at heart.

    Weapons/Skills: Cartic Magic- Elemental (Intermediate), ice and water-based; Expiation (Expert) all-range; Projectile fire (Expert); Marksmanship (Expert); One-handed sword, enchanted saber (Expert); Enchantment (Intermediate); Cooking (Novice)

    Incantus: N/A

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