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    A Few Extra Words on Roleplaying Empty A Few Extra Words on Roleplaying

    Post by Lilac on Fri Jul 06, 2018 11:03 pm

    So, as the subtitle says, this here note isn't just for you new Rpers but you more experienced ones too. Role-playing is more or less free and creative here, but just so we don't run into any trouble, I'm going to reiterate a few things from the Forum rules and add some other stuff as well:

    Be realistic. The first thing I have to say about that is this: Again, NO GODMODDING. You're wondering why this has to be repeated over and over again, huh? Well, it's more or less because when you're role-playing, you're still writing along the lines of fiction. Proper fiction is not only literate, but logical. For instance, no newly employed witch hunter is going to be able to shoot a master witch with one Carta-enchanted arrow right in the head and have her die instantly. Nor will a an average human being or witch or warlock be able to sustain unbelievable amounts of damage even if they have no resistance whatsoever. Just no. This also goes for your characters' history. You're free to give your characters traumatic experiences and drama, but make sure it works. This means the backstory actually makes sense rather than having convenient reasons to be the way he/she is and a lot of Deus Ex Machina.

    Consider your characters' skills in battle when writing.- How good (or bad) your character is at combat and magic will depend heavily on where they are at the starting point. If your character is new to magic and is only attending an academy now at the start of the role-play, remember that before you have him/her advance in his skill, you should also present it in the threads. Show threads of him/her training or sparring with other users, studying Carta, etc. You should also consider the level of skill your characters. No new person is going to be able to miss every stinking shot thrown at them nor would they be able to conjure Master Levels of magic after only practicing it for several weeks. So there's no "and she instantly hit Unimportant Character No. 10 with multiple lightning rays from the sky even if she had just enrolled in a Carta Academy."

    World-building. As of the moment, we do not allow the creation of places outside Esterelf or things such as new countries or continents. However, you may create the occasional fictional hometown or fort or town. Just make sure it fits within the country you set it in.

    As of now, we are NOT going to allow the creation of characters from outside Esterelf save for Enkidus,who live a bit offways of them, and those who reside in Dearmad, the badlands bordering Esterelf. Remember that mankind has only had around a thousand plus years or so of real development and that this started on the continent of Esterelf itself. So if you're going to make a giant steampunk city with an evil empire, fat chance. I will also only allow the creation of local places such as towns or minor cities, woods or forests, but plans for larger cities will have to be discussed with mods and the admin. Please take into consideration that most of the activity is dispersed enough on the five nations of Esterelf and more places mean less activity in other ones.

    You're not the ever-so important protagonist. In roleplaying, please remember that no sole person is the most important or is the only real main character. Unless a story arch belongs to you in particular, you're not the only one that matters. Scratch that. Even if a story arch belongs to you, you should give equal light to each of your fellow thread posters. This also goes under Mary Sue-ing. Your character is not "the very best that no one ever was". No giant guard should melt at the heart of a young girl who's only started when he's a weenus to everyone else and will have no real reason to like you in particular. I'll repeat: Be realistic.

    Ask the Admin and Mods. if you have ideas you're unsure of, please ask the admin since they're the ones who made this thing and preeeeeetty much knows how the world of Wiegenlied works. You can PM the current admin: Lilac (oh, hey, that's me), or you can tap us up in The Chatroom .

    Have fun. Remember that role-playing should be a fun experience. Don't burn yourself out with too many threads as an obligation. Do it because it's fun. Oh, but that doesn't mean once you're bored you're going to forget the five to ten threads you joined and ditch us on the spot. (There's an absence thread if you plan on leaving temporarily or officially. BUT PLEASE DON'T LEAVE US ;//Wink.

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