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    Post by Lilac on Sat Jul 07, 2018 2:06 am

    Name: Mirabella "Mirai" Cinq
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Race: Unknown

    Physical Description: According to many people who meet her, Mirai can be likened to a life-sized doll. With a soft and round face with a curved brow, small nose, rosy cheeks, she looks much younger than she is. Paired with her short stature, she could easily be mistaken for a child. While this is so, her sharp emerald eyes suggest not only a great amount of intellect, but also cunning and wile. Aside from looking like a doll or child, Mirai has also been likened to the figure of the Golden Fairy from urban myths due to the gold color of her hair. Her bangs are straight and short, copying the "hime" style popular due to the fashionable influence of Sakigake styles, but the rest of her hair trails behind her in cascading curls that hang just above her ankles.

    Apparel-wise, Mirai is often ornately dressed, sporting Saorisian dresses of full skirts and long sleeves with flowing fabrics and frills of different colors and designs, and also wearing different accessories and headpieces to match them. However, she wears a far more modified version of Saoirsian outfits. This consists of a strapless pink-violet inner dress with a bell-shaped skirt that ands just below her knees. On top of this is a black outer layer that wraps around the sides and is fastened with a white sash. A plum-colored bolero serves as her final layer with puffed sleeves that end in bell-shaped openings at her shoulders where white frills come out of, and she wears a miniature hat tied with a black bow under her chin as a headpiece.

    Background: At first glance, Mirai appears to be your typical wandering noble, bored and seeking out amusement. Her connections run deep in Esterelf both due to being from a noble line that founded Cartic institutions in Saoirse and Aldmerrow and what she calls her "occupation". It quickly becomes apparent to those who meet her that there's more that meets the eye. She's more than capable of holding herself in combat, and she seems to know more than she initially lets on about everything in the continent. Like the Golden Fairy in the folklore she's compared to, Mirai can often impart knowledge or offer solutions in the exchange of something from those who ask her, and her prices run deep, and not in the monetary sense.

    Personality: Due to being a noble, Mirai can definitely appear haughty and conceited. She's not afraid to state her own skills and intelligence, and she openly expresses her distaste or disgust for conditions or things less than fine when it comes to her own comfort. However, the superficiality and shallowness of nobility is just that, superficial. At her core, Mirai is driven by knowledge and is not afraid of providing or giving things and services in exchange to get closer to gathering the information she wants. Constantly reading, learning, and gaining insight by what people tell her on her travels, Mirai appears to be constructing the fragments of an intricate puzzle that will help her attain her goals. Analytical in nature, Mirai doesn't show much sympathy for others, seeing whatever "deals" she makes with people as contracts they had enough knowledge to understand what they get into. The few who are close to her warn her of being too cold-hearted, but for the sake of knowledge, Mirai's sold her soul long ago.

    Skills: Perhaps one of the oddest things about Mirai is her set of skills. She uses no active Cartic marks, but one will also not be able to detect the presence of Cantus in her, suggesting that her skills lie more in ability than magic. Her petite frame allows her to be agile, and her fast reflexes and perception help her get a grasp of the situation and where the cards in battle are laid.

    Main Weapon:
    • First Form- Rifle and shield
      While closed,when can subtly distinguish that Rosemary is a shooting rifle by looking its top, which is a gun handle. Mirai can open this and reveals Rosemary as a rifle and the parasol's point as where the bullets are shot out. The parasol's main part acts as a shield. The rifle's ammo can switch from lethal to non-lethal rounds, depending on her situation. Though it appears to be a shade with lace cloth patterns, the shield is laced and woven metal threads that can withstand a good amount of damage. The shade can cover Mirai completely when she is crouching down but only covers her torso and her upper legs while standing.

    • Second Form- Sword
      When pressured into close combat, Mirai can keep Rosemary closed and treat it as a blade as the hard cover of her parasol is strong enough to stand blows. Rosemary's umbrella shade can contract into a blade with a blunt side and a sharp side.

    Miscellaneous Weapons:

    • Metallic balls- Mirai can store multiple light highly-charged bomb balls in the underside of her skirt and in the pocket of ruffles on its outside. She can pull them out by untying certain ribbons on her dress or pulling them out of her pockets. The bomb balls are color specified depending on how much damage and what kind of damage is done. While some have about the same power as dynamites or gunpowder explosives, others appear to explode more elemental explosives such as ice, fire, and lightning. Some are also able to emit toxic gases or poisons.

    • Throwing Knives- Another miscellaneous weapon, Mirai can store petal shaped throwing knives in her coat pockets and can toss them at fast rates. She has about twenty stored in her coat.

    • Tessen- A fan with a sharp iron edge, Mirai can use the fan opened to act as a wide blade and as a piercing dagger while closed.

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