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    Post by Lilac on Sat Jul 07, 2018 1:51 am

    Name: Liseran Dormirse
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18

    Race: Walpurgis- "Atoned"
    Citizenship: Saoirsian

    Occupation: Carta Mage, Post-graduate


    Liseran is a young woman that stands at 5'3". She has a slender build and long neck and together with her perfect posturing, always make her look elegant if a little too formal. Her hair is dark purple and reaches to her shoulders, but this is often tied into a high ponytail with a white silk ribbon.

    Liseran's facial features come across to most as pretty and elegant. Her alabaster skin, curved forehead and ski-jump nose suggest she could be the daughter of a noble or of high position. Her eyes are wide, though tilt downwards to the side, giving her a constantly sad expression, and are a striking forget-me-not blue.

    Her standard outfit consists of a blue mage's dress that reach to her ankles. A blue caplet is draped over this and fastened with a bow. When she's traveling, she'll usually wear a long dark blue cloak with a white bow as well and a large hood that covers most of her face. Her shoes are black boots with laces and she wears black stockings.


    Liseran is a solitary individual who asks a lot of questions but says very little about herself. She displays a no-nonsense attitude and speaks with formality. She carries herself well, has good posture and etiquette and its from these that one assume she was brought up in a good household. However, Liseran is far from arrogant and doesn't at all act superior in nature. Liseran treats most she meets with respect, except of course, if she hates their guts or considers them rude. This particularly applies those who judge others upon race or stature. When confronted herself, she's quick to make a witty comeback, and has no qualms about teaching other people a lesson if they deserve.

    Due to a difficult childhood, Liseran's bitter about the oppression of the Walpurgis race and she strongly believes it's time for the Cantus born to fight back. She's extremely righteous and desires to help create a future where everyone can live equally. That said, she has compromised her own morals from time to time in order to achieve this, and while she feels guilty of it, she's far from letting that stop her.

    While Liseran is serious, she's not above light humor or compassion. She takes delight in small things such as reading and eating sweets or simply enjoying peaceful surroundings. She enjoys being with children and playing with them and she also has a motherly instinct to protect them from harm's way. People who know Liseran a little better get to see a side she doesn't show often, and that is one of a bashful, clumsy and easily flustered talkative young woman.

    Liseran feels extremely lonely and seeks companionship despite pushing people away, but her goals keep her from creating meaningful relationships with people. She fears losing people she cares about once again and her constant nature of keeping secrets, cynicism and Machiaveillian methods makes her suspicious of other people's own intentions.

    Liseran's greatest downfall is her desperation as it can make her lash out or turn to drastic measures.


    At first glance, Liseran is a Carta mage that goes around aimlessly from town to town. She seems to be an envoy of some sort for an organization, but one usually casts their suspicions aside due to her father being an Expiate officer.

    Liseran was the product of a politically-motivated marriage. Her father was the chief of the Expiate in Saoirse and married the leader of a group of Walpurgis protesters in order to appease them and make them believe the Expiate would exercise the protection of Walpurgis rights. Althea Dormirse had been reluctant to do this, but decided it was better than having her followers arrested.

    While protests ceased, there was always tension between the couple and Liseran was born only in order to try to make things better between them. However, that never happened. Her father feared Liseran would turn out a Walpurgis like her mother and this only strained the Expiate chief even further. He did his best to keep her away from her mother's influence and this led to her being sent to a boarding school for young girls  in Valdell. A lot of people treated her nicely because of her father's position, but all of this was apparent to the young girl and only had one true friend, Diana.

    Diana was a little poorer than most girls and had only gotten into the school because her father was gaining success as a merchant. She didn't know much about nobles and authorities, so she didn't seem to have an agenda to be friends with Liseran. Liseran immediately took a liking to her and they stayed close friends for several years.

    When the two were in third grade, however, Diana was bullied on and Liseran tried to defend her. In her anger, Liseran started a fight with them and one of the bullies yanked at the back of her shirt and therefore saw her seal. The girls quickly realized that she was a Walpurgis, and when asked by teachers if what the girls said was true, Liseran confirmed it.

    Very quickly, Liseran was ostracized by her peers and teachers alike, regarded as a freak and of a race the shouldn't exist. While she was allowed to stay on at the academy because of her father's position, she was treated as lowly as possible. Students stayed away from her and her room was placed in a high tower with little warmth because parents were worried about a witch being in their daughters' sleeping quarters. Even poor Diana was forced to stay away from her, and Liseran's former best friend quickly forgot about her as she enjoyed not being picked on for once.

    Lonely and miserable, Liseran yearned to go back home to her mother, but she knew it wasn't going to happen. Her only companion came in the form of a strange crow-rabbit hybrid. The creature introduced itself as Cardamom, after the crop, and offered to be Liseran's company. Liseran was wary of it at first, but upon it casting Cantus magic in order to warm her room and give it a little light, she quickly learned it was an Incantus. She regarded it with mistrust at first, but she quickly softened to it as it was the only kind being to her in the entire school. She eventually became interested in Cantus magic, but she had no real reason for a contract and Cardamom didn't seem to mind it at all, telling her to save a contract for when she would ever really need it. Cardamom became her one happiness in the school, that is, until her father came.

    Her father visited her every year and quickly sensed the presence of the Incantus. He scolded her and told her to stay back, quickly performing a binding ritual in order to extract its mantra and eliminate it. Liseran begged her father to let go of the creature and that's when she heard Cardamom, through his struggling with the Cartic marks, if she wanted to make a contract with him. Liseran quickly accepted and the forming of the contract broke the bind. The two managed to escape thanks to Cardamom's combined power with his new contractee.

    From there, Liseran tried to see her mother before her father could reach her, but she quickly learned her mother had been locked up in a dungeon while she was away. She was able to speak with her through a small window and her mother pleaded for her stay away and to get stronger, and not to come back for her. Liseran was reluctant, but she decided she could not save her mother until she developed her skills.

    For three years, Liseran trained with Cardamom and Walpurgis who taught her about Havens. She became welcome there and she practiced under an elderly woman. By the time Liseran was twelve, she was a proper apprentice and considerably adept in what she did. She felt she was closer to her goal, but horrid rumors came to her: that her mother was going to be executed for treason to the kingdom.

    Liseran was shocked and she was desperate to reach her mother, even if her fellow witches heeded her not to go alone and to wait. But Liseran could not wait. She was scared and desperate and she tried to charge into the family estate's dungeon...only to learn it was a trap.

    When Liseran came to the dungeons, she was instantly surrounded by Expiate officers and her father stood at the very center, ready to perform the necessary exorcism. Cardamom was bound as was Liseran. She struggled and she screamed and she asked for Cardamom's help, but Cardamom was extinguished and her own Cantus absorbed into a paper medium and set ablaze. The only way Liseran could describe what it felt like was that her very soul was destroyed in front of her and that a cold, relentless emptiness took its place. Due to the affect exorcism had on psyche, Liseran was kept indoors for a "therapy" and was slowly forced to readjust to Carta. Her father told her it was "for the best". When she asked if her mother was executed or not, her father did not answer.

    Liseran had been left in a deep void and felt that she was no longer truly living. Her dearest friend and surrogate family had been killed, her mother's fate unknown, and her Cantus gone forever. She refused to eat, and slept little, she tried very little to make sure she was still alive. It wouldn't be until a fervent dream where she lived the horrors all over again that she found within herself one last emotion: anger.

    A deep, determined anger was now at Liseran's core, but it wasn't the kind that made on lash out. Rather, it served as her fuel as revenge. She knew she had no means to fight with Cantus and she could not find it in herself to make a contract. However, there was Carta. Through the forced studies on her, she realized Carta was sort of like a formula and she felt that if it could be used to create things, it could definitely used to cancel it.

    She took the guise that she was adjusting again and that she was eager to learn Carta, in order to turn her father's eyes away from. In deep study, she practiced and she learned, eventually graduating years later. In Saoirse's Walpurgis community, she met the La Magie, a group of rebels whose aim was to free the Cantus-born once and for all. It was here, Liseran found a means to extract her revenge, and it is here she stays, hoping to free people from the oppression they endured, learn about her mother's fate, and confront her father once and for all.

    Weapon: Weeping Cerinthe

    • First form: Bell
      Liseran's weapons are two silver bells with Cartic marks on them and are charged with Lëi energy. They're both about the size of an average fist and have two ebony handles.
    • Second Form: Stiletto
      Weeping Cerinthe's clappers can thin and extend into two blades while the bell's dome retracts and turn into hand guards. The blades are about twelve inches in length, extremely thin but also extremely sharp.


    • Basic Cartic Manipulation- Similar to all Cartic mages, Liseran is capable of doing simple tasks using Cartic magic such as lighting a small fire, making objects float, etc.
    • Recovery Magic (Competent)- Can heal minor to moderate injuries, but cannot fully recover one's stamina or heal fatal wounds.
    • Elemental Magic (Competent)- Capable of casting elemental spells. Liseran's skill set includes casting fireballs, ice shards, lightning, elemental walls and runes.
    • Force manipulation (Expert)- With the use of glyphs, Liseran is capable of manipulating gravity, either by increasing it and decreasing it, creating force barriers or fields, or even thrust herself forward or back. She can do the same with another person so long as the glyphs are in contact with them or close proximity.
    • Expiation Magic (Competent)- Liseran educated herself with multiple techniques used by her father, with the hopes of understanding the foundations of Expiation magic. Liseran is capable of performing bindings and, with assistance, purging, but is extremely unstable in the matter due to the heavy concentration needed for the task. She can also perform basic expiate tasks including detecting Cantus activity, and temporary bindings.
    • Nullification (Expert)- ???

    Incantus: N/A

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