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    Name: Ira (of the Primis tribe)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17

    Race: Human

    Occupation: Vagabond

    Appearance: Ira has an odd appearance for certain. Despite being young, her hair has gone pure white, with a few gray strands poking out here or there. Her hair itself is long in length, but it but into a long thin ponytail that reaches her lower back. Her face is youthful, but serious. She always seems to have a dour, almost agitated expression on her at all times. Her time in dearmad has made her particularly darkskinned. While being fairly short, (about 5’0) Ira’s body is muscular and toned.

    Her attire usually changes with necessity, but her go to always screams “tribal” He torso is generally left fairly bare, with only a folded over white top covering her chest. She wears similarly white harem pants leading to black boots with a red sash around her midsection. On her head lay a skull of some animal, filed down to be able to be used as a mask. Horns were seemingly added on after the fact. She wears arm guards as well, painted red and covered with sharp bone on one side. Like her hair, her nails are painted white, though lately she hasn’t had the time or materials to see to them.

    Finally, her most noticeable trait would be her milky white eyes. Despite not having any damage around her face, the girl’s eyes are completely unfocused and clearly useless. Still, they move and react to noise, same as others.

    Personality: On the outside, Ira always seems to be on the urge of up and punching someone. While normally putting on a calm expression, small twitches tend to betray a sense of anger always bubbling beneath the surface. Small things seem to irritate her, though the biggest annoyance for her has always been loud noises.

    In truth, she is a product of years of different potions fed to her by her tribe. Born into the warrior caste, she was fed healthy doses of mind and body altering potions almost every day. Certain side effects made themselves known very early on. She suffers from frequent migraines, which always put her in an irritable state. She is an extremely picky eater as well, due to having QUITE the sensitive stomach. She prefers soups and greens to anything hard to tear into. Most foods turn her stomach and almost make her sick. Finally, she had been conditioned to almost need battle. Her migraines tend to fade away as she fights, leading her to seek out battle as much as possible, even over minor sleights.

    Despite all of this, she is not a fan of isolating herself. She prefers the company of others, but only the right kinds of people. She’s the type to drag others off to go pick herbs or fish. In her tribe, she quite enjoyed applying battle paints to the other warriors. Marking different designs on others and seeing the colors contrast or compliment their skin always brought her an odd amount of satisfaction. Nowadays she still quite enjoys this hobby, even if she can’t really see what she’s doing.

    Finally, she quite enjoys cooking for others as well. Having been surrounded by warriors with similar side effects as her, she put her herbalism skills to use in the kitchen. Potions and the like were always easier to swallow with good food after all. Thanks to a now more sensitive nose, though, she tends to have to plug it up while in the kitchen. Instead, she’s known to take small bites of ingredients to make sure its the right food or herb (especially now that she’s blind)

    Ira was born and raised in Dearmad. Despite them living in the same tribe, she never actually knew who her parents were. Instead, the tribe as a whole were her family. From a young age she was raised by a variety of people, each teaching her something different. Once she learned enough, she was simply passed to the next. This was all in service to their god, whom they called “The first”. He was the leader of the tribe, supposedly immortal. Oddly enough, the man looked no older than thirty. Still, he outlasted her parents and their parents and their parents after them. He truly seemed immortal and they treated him as such.

    In truth, the man was a powerful carta user and an alchemist to boot. He would siphon the life out of his subjects without their knowledge. This is why most of the tribe, by the time they were in their teens, had white or graying hair. Middle aged in her society was about fifteen years old. Most died by the time they were thirty. Still, the man taught them many things. They spoke in exclusively Carta, learning only pieces of the common tongue in case they ever needed to trade.

    At eight, it was decided that she would be a warrior, specifically a berserker for the tribe. She was to be part of the leading force, capable of tearing apart troops with reckless abandon. For this reason, she was fed a regimen of potions every day. They were aimed at strengthening the mind, body and spirit. Though truthfully, they mostly simply strengthened the body and fried most of her nerves, along with speeding up the healing process of the body tenfold. These were used from herbs gathered around dearmad (and raided from the surrounded areas). The specific herbs bordered on poisonous, which was mostly used to fry nerves throughout Ira’s body and thus increase her tolerance to pain. Their ‘god’ too stepped in, using alchemy on her body to affect the muscles themselves, making them dense, tearing them and reshaping them the slightest amounts to make her just a bit more effective at fighting. This itself, was why she needed healing potions almost every day, otherwise the pain would’ve been too great. She was trained every day in the basics of hand to hand combat, along with force magic. She was expected to know how to brew specific potions in case she needed to heal or strengthen her attacks further.

    By the age of seventeen, she was already a deadly weapon for the tribe, participating in raids on more than one occasion. She would’ve stayed this way until her death if not for a specific incident during one of the raids. She was raiding a village on the border of dearmad with a few other berserkers, clearing it out so the rest of the tribe could loot the remainder. She came across a powerful Carta user, one proficient in hexes. Before Ira could kill the woman, she hissed out a curse, saying something that Ira just couldn’t remember in her blood rage. As she killed the woman, the edges of her vision suddenly darkened until it swallowed her sight completely. When her tribe found her, she was stumbling around, trying to figure out why the sun had gone out. As it turns out, the woman had casted a powerful hex, taking Ira’s sight until she did...something. Without Ira knowing what to do to fix her sight, the tribe decided that she was a lost cause. A blind warrior was no warrior at all. As a mercy, she was banished instead of killed.

    Though, she knew they expected her to die. She truly hoped she could prove them wrong, fix her sight and go back home.

    While Ira prefers to use her fists in combat,she is also equipped with a heavy iron club. The club in question is unwieldy and rough, its handle simply wrapped in cloth to avoid hurting her when she swings it. Ira takes very good care of it, though. It tends to be cleaned after every single fight.

    Her other weapon is, of course, her fists. They have been scarred over again and again, covered in tight wrappings.


    • Martial Arts Intermediate: Ira has been training in martial arts since she was a child. This has mostly been to keep active and learn how to control her body. She is by no means a master, since she relies on her rage and strength more often than anything she’s learned.

    • Force Magic Beginner: Ira, while knowing a LARGE amount of the Cartic language, was only ever able to learn a few spells. ‘Berserkers don’t need more than this’ She was told. Still, her ‘god’ helped her with this, embedding three crystals in her back to serve as “focuses for the spirits.”

      Blast: Ira unleashes a concussive force, either blasting her opponent back, or using it to propel herself forwards. As this is one of the only spells she knows, she is quite skilled and instinctive with its use. The spell in itself more so augments what she can already do. Sending a blast about 10x her usual strength. It’s short range, but while berserking, she might be able to knock someone almost 20 feet back.

    • Herbalism intermediate: Ira has been trained from a young age on the mixing and applications of herbs. She knows many purely beneficial recipes and cures. Many of her potions tend to bolster her in combat or heal wounds after a battle.

    • Cooking Expert: Ira loves cooking, mainly because she has a very specific palette. Still, she is quite adept and making food that everyone will enjoy, even if she MIGHT just enjoy it a little more.

    Strengths/Weaknesses: Ira is a terrifying combatant. Not because she is a master at combat or spells, but because she is utterly relentless. In a normal fight, she holds nothing back. In a serious fight, she is able to push WELL beyond her limits in order to just get a single hit. With her strength? Sometimes a single hit is all she needs. Her blood rage is her biggest strength AND her biggest weakness. Plans just aren’t for her in a fight. She is instinctive and reactive in this state. While it might be hard to pin her down, she could easily fall for a trap set on the fly. She ALSO has a hard time distinguishing friend from foe. There was a reason berserkers were sent ahead of the tribe after all. If an ally gets in her way or accidentally harms her, they might see her coming after THEM next. Also, while her blood rage can last for quite a bit. If she’s inactive for too long in a fight, it can quickly wear out. Afterwards, she normally needs to rest for the rest of the day as her body starts fixing itself from the damage accrued. In her tribe, berserkers were often carried home by others.

    Her biggest weakness right now would be her blindness. She’s not at all used to it, so combat for her comes down to trying to figure out where the enemy is OR destroying everything in the area until she hits SOMETHING. Perhaps in the future she’ll learn to work with it. For now though? It’s her biggest liability.

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