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    Name: Tuirbe Kendrick (Kousuke Himura)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 61
    Race: Enkidu

    Physical Description: An Enkidu that looks like he has seen too much, Tuirbe has wise air to him, with an aged face showing a stern expression all the time, and dry black/silver hair tied to a small ponytail, as well as a thin chin beard. He is always seen wearing glasses, as his failing eyesight makes it unable to see well, with the exception of closer objects. Despite his age, he has a relatively atheltic body, somehow not succumbing to the sedentary nature of his profession, with enough grit and agility to move as if he were younger. However, it is hard to discern his body type, as he is often seen wearing robes and loose clothing, which isn't exactly regent, but still denote his position as a person of status. For his Enkidu features, he has a ram tail and noticeable ram horns right above his ears, which look slightly dented and with a few cuts, showing his less than peaceful past.

    Role: Enkidu Tech Professor

    Background: Despite what the name might suggest, he was not born as Tuirbe Kendrick. Rather, his real name is Kousuke, a member of the Himura clan in Sakigake. And he wasn't born in any regular family, his family was instead a noble house, invested in the warring conflict that ravaged the nation. Perhaps it wasn't one of the most important, but there was a certain level of pedigree he was able to enjoy during his early years, where he obtained the education to match a scholar, exposing his mind as a brilliant one, as well as getting him invested into the subject of his race's technological inclinations. However, because of the volatile nature of the war, and the Emperor's own needs in the conflict, the Himura clan steadily lost its power and lands, until they were decimated by rival clans.

    Kousuke was a young teenager when he and his parents were forced to disguise themselves to avoid getting killed, and fled from Sakigake in many of the boats that made their exodus towards Esterelf, as any little influence and allies they gained either were lost or turned against them. The fires of their broken nation appeared smaller as they fled, but the fire of their indignation still remained in their hearts. When they finally arrived, they tried their best to hide their identity around the other refugees, but going by the last name Kendrick, a mantle that wouldn't hide what Kousuke actually felt for his real name.

    Yet despite being a stable family with an only child, and being able to settle well in Aldmerrow, Tuirbe's parents would forever be perturbed by the loss of their status. His father had a more able body, and thus became a carpenter, while his mother became a mere waistress, both of them profoundly despising their new lot in life, a fact that Kousuke, now Tuirbe, had to witness growing up. This fueled his desire to try and recover some of what they lost in the only way he knew: Knowledge. Despite the little money they were able to make, they had enough to enroll Tuirbe in an academy, of which he managed to prove his higher intelligence with ease. His pursue of knowledge was noted by the administration, granting him scholarships to further help him in his path.

    Over the years, he did gain a certain level of gravitas due to his intellect, and even helped Enkidus being seen in a slightly better light, coinciding with the implementation of their technology in everyday Esterelf life, but Tuirbe's own preconceptions about his new life only grew worse. The people around him still received him with mockery and distrust due to his hard to hide racial characteristics, as well as the difficulty that his low status provided. And seeing his parents in a constant state of disgust over their new lives didn't help, as despite being able to eventually adapt to life in Esterelf, their dreams of returning to their noble status didn't dissipate.

    The only consolation he had in his life were two other Enkidus like himself, Esarg and Anann. Despite being younger and not being once of prestige like he was, Esarg's firmness but just self, as well as Anann's kindness and tolerance, allowed the three to establish a good relationship, becoming Tuirbe's first true friends. But despite the years they spent together, eventually they would take different roads in life, as Esarg and Anann moved away to Stalhmin, and Tuirbe chose to stay in Aldmerrow, with the promise of becoming a professor in the emerging field of Enkidu Technology, as the one person that possessed noteworthy credentials and a natural inclinations towards the subject.

    As he reached middle age, it would seem like the desire that fueled his family began to dissipate, as he began to get used to his lot in life. His work was respected, and his character was treated fairly well, as he began to notice more Enkidu integrate themselves in Esterelf, as well as a slight but noticeable increase in the local's open mindness. And while he felt rather comfortable, not a day would go without dreaming of wanting to be back in his homeland, in the same position he used to be. The rage simmered down, but the longing wouldn't cease, it was why when eventually Esarg asked him if he could become the tutor of his third son, Goibniu, Tuirbe accepted without question, and during the course of his education, Tuirbe tried to promote Sakigake to him. And while Goibniu showed interest in the homenation of the Enkidu, it was very clear to Tuirbe that he was already a child of Esterelf, something which made him feel more dejected than he would realize.

    In the twilight of his years however, things would turn worse for Tuirbe. After decades of resignation and anger, his parents passed away, forever cursing the name of the emperors that revoked that of which they gained laborously. Not long after, he would then hear about a sudden Walpurgis attack in Leiger, the town where Esarg and his family lived. And while his close friend managed to survive, Tuirbe eventually heard that Anann was the only one that didn't survive in the McCrae household. Something that Tuirbe realized years ago, was that he fancied her despite seeing that she was more enraptured in Esarg, and despite accepting that his friend would be the chosen one for her heart, his own heart took a long time to mend from such a wound. And the culmination of these deaths made something in his mind snap.

    His demeanor soured, his old prejudices returning. He blamed the emperor's lineage for his parents' dementia, and Esterelf for Anann's death, causing his desires to return in full force. While he was still one man, he was one man possessing vast knowledge of powerful technology that only his race could use to its fullest extent. On the surface, one would imagine that the professor, now an old man by the standard of Esterelf, would eventually keel over due to the rigorous studies he performs, but his ire keeps him from retiring, his desire for revenge keeping him focused, as he studies and waits for the right moment he can unfold his plans to the world

    Personality: Outwardly, Tuirbe has a pretty calm and collected demeanor, to the point that one might register him as stoic. He barely emotes during conversation, and despite having a rather a voice similar to a whisper, he is still easy to understand. However, he does have a rather unmmovable air to him, possessing a firmness to stand against ever the most heated of naggings with nothing more than a cold stare throughout. However, that doesn't mean that he is not friendly, as he goes easy on those he can trust, allowing himself to express a bit more than usual. But inwardly, Tuirbe holds a great deal of resentment towards people, mainly those that are not Enkidu like himself. He is reserved and distrusting of others, trying to play off his prejudice as just carefulness in not wanting to just embrace any stranger with open arms. And in the very few moments where he shows emotions, it comes off rather strongly, likely due to the fact he has to hold a lot in.

    Weapons/Skills: A lot of what Goibniu learned about firearms came from Tuirbe, for he too possesses great knowledge about the fabrication of weapons with Enkidu technology. This means that, as a means to defend himself, he posseses a pistol he keeps hidden from sight. His skills in marksmanship mainly come from both what little he learned growing up in Sakigake, and training he did over the year, making him proficient with firearms. He also possesses a more tactician mind, analyzing his situations to try and get the better outcome rather than jumping blindly, a trait he attained from his years as a scholar.

    Incantus: None

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