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    Vertical Slice [Hugo - Single Post]


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    Vertical Slice [Hugo - Single Post]

    Post by Lilac on Sun Jul 08, 2018 7:34 am

    Note: This thread is an import of a thread from the old Zetaboards site. The original thread can be found here

    "Borders can be seen as a point of no return. Once you have crossed into Saadedge, you are, in a way, always from Saadedge. In this way, they are similar to many parts of life, metaphorically you might say that many things in life are borders. The first time you walk is to step haltingly over the border from infancy into toddler-dom, for example. You see what I'm saying?"

    Hugo's excited voice filled the air on the outside of the couch, just as his wild, energetic gesticulations rocked it against the muddy path. It did nothing, however, to affect the dull, disinterested coachdriver. The most reaction he got was that the coachman pressed a coachgun into his hands, and the longest whole sentence that'd come from the coachman so far, "Keep your eyes on the road."

    "C'mon, listen to me. I'm saying that there are certain points in our life that we can never go back from, and they happen all the time. You can never become as trusting as you were after you've been betrayed, you can never become as naive once you've lost a pet or something. It has to do with the fundamental nature of time, right? Just like guns shooting is a fundamental function of nature, right? But we can manipulate *guns*, and not *time?* At least, you see, with Carta."

    The coach driver shot him a look like a dagger.

    "I'm not Cantus, I swear, I'm just saying that Cantus isn't fundamentally understood. We know, what, it's magic, right? That is mutates stuff? But whats the mechanism!? We know how each of these symbols manipulate different natural energy through supplication by Léi energy, right? But we're so pigheadedly set against Cantus that we refuse to study any measure of Cantus's various forms and such except how to counter it with Carta. Why? Why!?"

    The coach driver shifted in his seat and the Hugo's animation very apparently disturbed him.

    "It's like the ignorant attitude we hold towards the practically harmless art of so-called "Blood Alchemy." So what, it uses living energy, we give and take living energy all the time, why do we ignore something that opens up so many possib-"

    Coachman is good, law-abiding citizen of Aldermerrow, and he wasn't about to jeopardize his life's service and duty by becoming an accessory to some kind of dissident, so when Hugo started talking about all this Blood Alchemy stuff, he snatched the gun right from out of the boys hands, and kicked him right off the high seat and into the mud, the whole scene punctuated by him saying, "This yer stop, sir."

    Hugo landed in a fat pile of mud and possibly horse dung, and wasn't really pleased about any of it. He was very vocal about it too, "You son of a bitch! This isn't my stop you damned fool, I paid you to take me to Senior and Associates, you can't just leave me here you fat, overgrown toad-looking pile of shitty filth, it's still 15 god-damn miles!"

    Coachman's response was simple. "Yessir, ah can." and so, he switched his stirrups and set off. Hugo scooped up a fat glob of the mud and dung and detritus and such off the ground, and threw it doubly as hard as he could, to give some punctuation to his next abuse, "You prick, how do you like this?!"

    The coachman responded to the splatter on his coat by whipping around and giving him one barrel from his coachgun, one handed. He intentionally missed, but Hugo halfway ducked anyway. "Yew summ'bitch, the nexums goin in yer head I swah!"

    And so, Hugo continued on foot, fuming outwardly to the trees and wildlife and such, not that they really listened to him or anything.

    15 miles on foot, plus frequent breaks to make animated asides to inanimate trees and rocks about the abuses of uneducated bumkins and abject ignorance translated into a 4 hour walk, leaving him arriving at his destination, Senior and Associates in pitch dark. S and A was a travelers waystation which serviced the somewhat frequently traveled road between the Academy and the capital city of Stahlmin, Ostmont, as well as a number of small towns and such that cropped up along the way. The inn became regionally famous for having decent, available lodging, at a decent price. In other words, the average traveler had a place to stay that didn't give him 16 kinds of pest.

    When he arrived, it was the sole source of light on a dark country road, and looked something like what he imagined your average beacon of hope looked like. He quickened his pace, and came to meet an elderly man who had gone white on the head long ago, who was snuffing out most of the lanterns outside.

    "Excuse me!" He called from 10 or 20 yards off down the road. The old man peered over, and turned to face him as he approached. Hugo offered his hand, and the old man took it with a firm grip. Hugo continued, "I'm looking for some late night lodging, can I speak to Senior?"

    The old man replied with a smile, "We have a couple of rooms empty, but I'm afraid Senior is long to bed at this hour. You can put your deposit in with me, and we'll have you in warm linens swiftly." Hugo smiled in return, and they stepped inside.

    The front room was well decorated with various travel tokens and icons and such. One wall was practically blanketed from ceiling to floor in various hunting trophies, boars and bears and a very prized, huge 11 point buck, which Hugo remarked on. "Impressive. Don't guess he was roadkill." The old man smiled again, and explained, "Naw. It's a long story, but I actually took him with a lance across his shoulder, if you believe it." The two went on talking about these things for a while, as Hugo went about fetching his wallet. He paid the toll, and laid himself down in rest around 4 in the morning.


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