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    Doing the Job [Single Post] Empty Doing the Job [Single Post]

    Post by Lilac on Sun Jul 08, 2018 4:53 am

    This is an import of a thread from the old Zetaboards forum found here

    Hugo was a liar. He said he was going to Aldermerrow just like he had said that he was a bad liar and he had said that he enjoyed spicy food and he had said that he didn't think that blouse was too much for a walk around town. In short, farcically. He mused on his two-faced-ness as he stepped onto the train to Bohasamat, and even as he sat down in his seat, pressed between a elderly expiate officer who smelled a bit (a lot) like liquor and young woman who kept flinching and glancing at him. There was no room to settle in, and he noticed he would probably end up stuck there until he got to where he was going. The ride was largely uneventful, besides becoming increasingly sure that he was going to be robbed by this shifty woman next to him. She persisted in glancing at him, shifting, nudging, coughing, and flinching every time he moved for almost the entire ride. She only stopped because he went for the final option, and locked eyes with her for about an hour, during which she blinked like, three times.

    The train finally came to rest at the station, and after about 10 minutes of maintaining solid eye contact with the woman, he managed to finally break away and cut into the mainstreet of Bohasamat, the cultural, trade, and administrative capital of Saadedge, the jeweled crown atop a festering corpse of a desert kingdom. Hugo didn't hold the country in the highest esteem, or really any esteem at all whatsoever, but he appreciated the sights and sounds. After moving to the city in Stahlmin, he had acquired a taste for big cities, and Bohasamat was so far making a great impression, with it's sights and sounds. From his viewpoint in the entrance of this small forum from which the mainstreet cut through the city, he saw people wearing intricate robes and beautiful silks selling so many produces, from desert flowers and spices to excellent jewelry, almost too nice to be selling in such a pothole; not to mention the chatter that pervaded every surface of the city, the sounds of stepping, talking, pressing, stealing, money changing, horse riding, and the buzz of so many tropical insects.

    All of it washed over him and was still remarkably detached from himself. No part of him could forget that he was here as a foreigner, and any number of thieves would be casing him right now, so he made his way down the street. About an hour down the road, he came to small forum in which a band of brigands were sitting, marking the territory as their own by using chalk and paint. He didn't want to get mixed in with them, so he decided to make his own little escape into a small side street, planning to make his way back to the mainstreet. There, he met Azusa. She was sitting under a small laurel, in the shade of a multi-story building. The second he stepped into the shade, he realized what sort of hateful, infernal heat had been pressing itself into every part of his clothes, by the relief of the cool darkness. He decided to go ahead and sit under the tree with that young girl.

    She had dark, almost black hair, and her skin tone was quite a lot darker than his, though he guessed it could be from the sun since she didn't look Saadedgi in the face. She didn't immediately introduce herself, and he groaned internally as she instead made extended eye contact with him. Finally, he decided for himself that he actually wouldn't let this happen all over again, and introduced himself, "Seb. My names S-Seb. Hi! Hello! Please talk to me instead of staring at me."
    She replied, "Yeah." There was a pause. More pained eye contact. "Okay." Another pause. He was about to cry. "I'm Azusa." She pulled out a small box, and asked him, "Would you like a banana?"

    [more later]


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