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    Post by Sunnivale on Sun Jul 08, 2018 3:58 am

    Ahh Parranda. Vidalia wasn't much of a fan of the city, but she had to find someplace in Saadedge to get paid for her bounty hunting.

    She approached the bar where she usually goes too and opens the door.

    "Good day, my wonderful patrons!" She called out as she entered the bar, only to find that nobody was there.

    She was surprised at this but then she shrugged. "Of course, all the drunkards would not wish to drown out there sorrows this bright today, only when the sun is dusk." Vidalia entered the bar and sat down at the nearest table.

    After ordering her usual drink she began to tap the table, she needed to find a job soon.

    She hate's sitting alone in bars.

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