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    Aldmerrow: Foundation of Carta


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    Aldmerrow: Foundation of Carta

    Post by Lilac on Sat Jul 07, 2018 2:31 am

    Though Carta was discovered in Saoirse, it was Aldmerrow that greatly contributed to expanding the study of Carta and its uses. Home to the Esterelf Cartic Academy as well as many research institutes, Aldmerrow's strength lies heavily in knowledge and Cartic skill. The Expiate are almost in complete control here, similar to Saoirse, but they are more lenient to Walpurgis so long as the Walpurgis are sealed and are willing to submit themselves to Carta alone.

    Aldmerrow is highly appreciated for its beautiful scenery, vast wilderness, and lack of cities and makes for a great place for people who are fond of adventure and wanderlust.

    A problem with Aldmerrow, however, is its insistence to stick to traditional ways and its over-prioritization of study. A lot of Aldmerrow is still wilderness and the lack of defenses make it vulnerable to attacks by beasts and Moira. The only thing keeping the country from being torn apart are those in hunting guilds and everyone's own personal adeptness with Cartic magic.

    A few years ago, Enkidu started migrating from their homeland and to Aldmerrow in order to escape a severe war there. The government permitted this, but most Enkidus are still trying to settle in and most locals find this a nuisance.


    Aldmerrow lies to the southeast and has temperate to humid climate. Most of Aldmerrow is subject to rain and fog with mild sunny days and summers. It's filled with lush forests, rolling hills, country sides, lakes and swamps. It's not that heavily populated making even the capital and the three other large towns as quiet as its villages. The few large buildings in each city would be the libraries and schools. There are also many abandoned Incantii-dedicated temples and Lëi sources which make great resource material for scholars.


    Aldmerrow has placed very little of its attention to trading with other countries, but it does ship a lot of grain, ale, mead, crops, wood, linens, and fleece.

    Locals get by through farming and traveling long distances in order to sell goods to the towns and Saoirse. People invest in enterprises such as wine presses, mills and breweries. There are a few mines in Aldmerrow, but most are utilized by the royal family and the schools for magic.

    While people are considerably poorer than the citizens of other kingdoms in terms of income, they are the most content as taxes are low, food is plentiful, and cost of living is also low.

    Political System:

    Aldmerrow is a constitutional monarchy in which governing powers of the monarch are restricted by a constitution. The parliament is elected by citizens and is headed by a prime minister. Nobility is more of a hereditary title, but some nobles still own land from their forefathers.

    The Expiate is the main law enforcement and also acts as the guard for the royal family and the heads of the state.


    The Aldmerrians are folks who don't care much for material things and put more value in principles. They're rather simplistic and are content with living lives without riches or success. The ambitious will, perhaps, seek out a good education at the colleges, but others will stick to farming and local apprenticeship in towns.

    Aldmerrians are hospitable folk and are more than willing to help those in need, even if they have little to offer. They're respectable, even if some don't know much etiquette-wise. Those in towns may live a little more refined than the rest, but most never look at those poorer beneath them.

    High regard is given to the royal family and the parliament, as well as those who are well-educated mages. They stick to customs and beliefs, and most locals enjoy nothing more than sitting around a fire and listening to folklore.

    Aldmerrians dislike Walpurgis and are one of the nations that doesn't forget the harm their race did to humans, but they can be lenient with those who make efforts to learn Carta and won't turn them away if they are suffering. They do, however, despise open Cantus users and Moira, and fear Incantii.

    While they are simple, Aldmerrians are rather adventurous in spirit and it's not unlike them to walk long distances in the wild just to enjoy nature. Those who don't take up Cartic magic solely will usually follow the steps of hunters and huntresses and seek to destroy monsters and join guilds.

    Aldmerrians are a little hostile towards the Enkidu immigrants, due to their mistrust of different races, as well as the considerable amount of space they have taken up. Most are reluctant to negotiate with them, but others towns have allowed them to work for them and to set up their own businesses.

    Notable Places

    • Estermount- the main city where both the royal family and the prime minister resides. Home to the Grand Cartic Academy for students and the College for researchers. There's a lot of bustling activity in the square where casual tournaments are held for the youth and there's a museum for Incantii remnants and relics of the war.

    • Lochhedge- a small town located near the swamp and have slight problems with corrupted beasts in the waters. An extension of Grimm Guild is established here. Lochhedge celebrates a festival during the Spring Solstice near the Great Lëi Stone situated there.

    • Tirhin- the open country side near the hills surrounded by fog. There are relics of ancient temples and the old castle of a fallen Walpurgis kingdom. Some say a Greater Incantus resides here.

    • Janwynne- A town near Estermount famous for its horse races and jolly country folk. Unlike in other nations, The Expiate's base is here rather than in the capital.

    • Enkidu Outskirts- The Enkidu have created for themselves a settlement just outside most of the towns and this area is full of camps as well as small Enkidu villages. Most are illegal settlers, however, and are constantly being pressured to move out of the area and build homes on land permitted to them.

    Notable Factions/Organizations

    • Grimm Guild- An extension of the guild in Saoirse with a couple dozen members and still looking for more due to the increasing number of monsters appearing.

    • Grand Cartic Academy- An academy for youth adept in Carta who want to go a step further and learn more specified branches of magic.

    • Estermount College- An organization for Carta graduates who want to dedicate their lives into studying the properties of magic and examining the relics of the ancient times.

    • Fighter's Guild- a casual and even unofficial guild. This is run by a group of rambunctious teenagers and young adults who enjoy sparring. They're responsible for the fighting tournaments held in Estermount, though they often get trouble with the guards.

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