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    Stahlmin: The Industrial Republic Empty Stahlmin: The Industrial Republic

    Post by Lilac on Sat Jul 07, 2018 2:28 am

    While most countries utilize magic as an art and skill, Stahlmin uses it as a way to advance technology. Built on the ground of five greater Lëi sources, Stahlmin created unlimited energy for factories, machinery and weaponry. Using Lëi energy as power sources and Cartic marks for enhanced effects, Stahlmin is the first nation to have automobiles, use electricity, blimps and military weapons such as cannons. Some nations are frightened by Stahlmin's creations, though Saoirse seems to be slowly adopting some of Stahlmin's inventions such as electricity.

    Scholars from Aldmerrow and a handful of locals protest against Stahlmin's unorthodox usage of Lëi, deeming it desecration of sacred energy and whatnot, but this hasn't stopped Stahlmin at all.

    Stahlmin has little internal problems of its own save for the usual Cantus-sealed protesters and the like. However, several Incantii have somehow invaded some of the cities and are loose. Whether they will cause damage or not is questionable.


    Stalhmin is located at the heart of Esterelf and touches nations Eisleyn, Saoirse and Aldmerrow. A large body of water separates it from Saadedge known as the  Great Iron Lake. Its climate is temperate with humid westerly winds. The tiny portion that borders Eisleyn is of high altitude and is home to a few mountains and evergreen forests. More forests and hilly landscapes can be found close to Aldmerrow as are land tillable for iron, silver, nickel and other metals.

    Stalhmin's industrial advancements have made it home to dozens of large cities and towns closely situated to one another. A few villages can be found at Stahlmin's borders, but most land at the borders are owned by companies for mining and lumbering.


    Stahlmin has a social market economy with strong labor forces and a large capital stock, low level corruption, and high level of innovation. Factories can be found left and right, companies buy out land in order to gather more resources, old machinery and weapons are recycled, and new feats are reached every year.

    Stahlmin gets a lot of its earnings from within its borders as other countries do not care to learn about their inventions save for Saoirse. The country does, however, earn a lot from its exports of steel, copper, nickel, lumber, and standard weapons due to its high rate of production in a short amount of time.

    Industrialization has definitely made Stahlmin prosper, but it does have its backfires. Many smiths and craftsmen have lost opportunities to sell their weapons on account factories, and don't earn as much as they used to. Most have to up their game by making more advanced, personalized weaponry, and many already know how to do that thanks to the crafting schools in the country.

    Laborers are also being put out of jobs due to machinery and earn little as factory workers, therefore keeping poverty a consistent problem.

    Political System:

    Unlike other nations, Stahlmin is a republic with  council members serving as its legislative body. Mayors are elected for towns and cities, but the overall head are the two consuls who are elected each year.

    Stahlmin's citizens are freer than most and titles of nobility have been abolished. Stahlmin is also more military-inclined than the rest of the nations, but this could be because of the fact they craft weapons and don't use Carta personally but rather in their objects. The Expiate still plays an important role in the law enforcement and works hand in hand with the military in order to control Cantus-related problems. However, the Expiate branch are perhaps the few people who use Carta directly and though they are respected, many are irritated with them as people in Stahlmin consider Carta magic old-fashioned.


    Stahlmics or Stahls are people who value organization, innovation, and looking towards the future. They have almost but all-together abandoned traditions save perhaps their distrust of Cantus users and are always open-minded to change. Stahlmics are business-oriented and treat others with respect because one never knows a potential customer or future partner when they see one.

    While there are titles of nobility, wealth and success are big factors a person looks at. If you graduated from a respectable crafting school, own you own business, or are the heir to an industry, you'll be given high regard. People are much kinder to those who are poor here, however, and it's not unlike Stahlmics to help a homeless person when they see one. The only exceptions, of course, would be Walpurgis, but compared to other nations, they aren't nearly as harsh on them and greet them with ignorance rather than disdain.

    Stahlmics value work and a person without a job is considered a lazy one. A person's work ethics are vital when being hired and if you have a bad work record, you'll be dismissed from most jobs save labor tasks.

    For amusement, Stahlmics enjoy going to the theatres for plays, going around the city on trains and locomotives, shopping, and fine dining.

    Notable Places:

    • Ostmont- The capital city and home of factories and inventions. Ostmont has large buildings and machinery at almost every corner. The Expiate branch resides here as does the Ostmont Crafting School. The military base and academy is also here.

    • Leiger- Another large city where one of the main Lëi power plants are. Unlike Ostmont which is more industrial, Leiger is slightly more residential.

    • Ichnen- A small simple town in the snowier area of Stahlmin that runs hot springs and inns.

    Notable Factions:

    • Stahlmin Military- Stahlmin's main line of defense. Anyone age sixteen and above can be drafted in to be trained and taught in military basics and eventually guard Stahlmin's walls.

    • Ostmont Crafting School- For those who want more intimacy with Cartic magic and machinery. One can learn to create weapons and machinery here of the best kind.

    • Jaeger Guild- A hunting guild established in Ichnen due to being out in the wilderness.

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