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    The Unanimity Fair Empty The Unanimity Fair

    Post by Lilac on Sat Jul 07, 2018 2:09 am

    History: After the victory against the Incantus during the Magus war, the nations have come together in the city capital of the Aldmerrow nation to celebrate the victory and the unity of the countries. The leaders of the five nations gather on these days of celebration to overlook the festivities and renew the vows of loyalty to Esterief and the union. The fair has come to be known as the pinnacle of celebrations as restaurant owners and prestiged chefs have taken to opening street stalls during this time. Nobles and laborers alike walk the streets, enjoying the festivities. Some notable guilds and parties have taken to opening small shows and events scattered across the city. As chaotically flamboyant the festivities are, there are city guards posted around every corner, a mix of not only the local militia but also soldiers of the other nations, all working to ensure nothing goes astray day or night during the days of the Unanimity Fair. People from all over have traveled to Aldmerrow to partake in the event which only gets bigger every year.

    Contests and Shows:

    • Concerto de Requiem - Bards and musicians perform in this magical concert  where people young and old alike make fools of themselves in hearty dance. The main attraction though is the appearance of famed songbird, Requiem Trumpeter, a beautiful young lady who started the Concerto some years ago and travels the towns to perform.

    • Eating Contest - First round is a nice light salad. Then we go to a bowl of clam chowder. From there a hefty platter of shrimp and crayfish gumbo to be eaten along with a small basket of bread. We are then introduce to your appetizer favorites from a mountain of chicken wings to stuffed mushroom caps and stuffed shrimp as well as boiled sausages and sauerkraut. We continue to the main course with a roasted hog followed with a rack of lamb and leg of mutton. Wash it down with a 30 lb steak before going to the stuffed turducken with rosemary potatoes. And of course no meal is complete without dessert. This notorious event is held every year with only two winners ever recorded.

    • Archery Contest - Enter for a chance to win a kiss from the chosen maiden of the year or otherwise be awarded a solid gold arrow.

    • Masquerade Play - An outdoor theater is setup, allowing anyone to come and watch free of charge. The performers have put together a dramatic play, but is there more to the story than nonsensical fiction?

    • Fighter Tournament - The fighter's guild has built up a wooden arena overnight to hold their tournament for the entertainment and fun of others. A mix of armed and barehanded combat is required for the various stages of this competition. The prize is a massive feast for the winner alone as well as a chance to encounter some renowned warriors from across the land.


    • The Renewal of Vows - The leaders make a show of renewing their oaths and resigning the treaty among the nations. This is a celebrated event representing the entire purpose of the fair. But everyone looks to the following event much more.

    • Masquerade Ball - Nobles and peasants all the same gather, wearing masks and even costumes if desired, and all join together in this massive ball held in this decorated hall. The food is fantastic and the music is beautiful. Mingling among each other without the boundary of titles or prestige, the ball is an active show of everything the Unanimity Fair is about. Some noblemen have even taken to dressing in dirty clothing for this event alone. The leaders of the five nations also attend, albeit from their seats and accompanied by their officials of choice.

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