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    It Stares Back At Me [Open]



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    Re: It Stares Back At Me [Open]

    Post by KitKet on Sun Oct 21, 2018 8:45 am

    It seemed they were slowly coming to a conscientious. That was good for Rowan, as he had severe doubts about his ability to continue looking like he wasn't about to collapse. He let out a sigh, leaning on his spear a bit more heavily for a moment.

    Still, they were all either stowing or dropping their weapons altogether. It would only worsen tensions to not follow suit. Painstakingly slowly, Rowan lowered his spear gently into the sand. The weapon truly did not deserve such a resting place, but sacrifices had to be made for the sake of a peaceful night.

    Still, even at his feet, a quick kick upwards would be all that he needed for the spear to return to his hands. He would be trusting, but not stupid.

    It took quite a lot of self control to not let out an exasperated sigh when Kassandra asked the same answered question a third time.  She was unobservant, opaque and possibly stupid.

    ...That was rude.

    "Sorry." He muttered out an apology at his own thoughts and looked back towards the sea once more. "There was a storm..." He wanted to leave it at that, but knew better at this point. "My ship got caught in it. I survived, it didn't." That should be enough right?

    Oh, wait.

    "My name is Rowan Navarre. It's a pleasure to meet most of you."

    ...That was rude again.

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    Re: It Stares Back At Me [Open]

    Post by Lilac on Mon Oct 29, 2018 4:31 am

    As easygoing as Saki was, her temper was one that was quick to flare. Cassima suggesting she'd only drop her weapons if everyone did, she reflexively quipped, "I'm not even armed at the moment!"

    She was quick to hold it back first and scratch her head.

    Deep breaths, Saki. No need to get pissed off that you don't understand the situation.

    "Anyways, yeah it's pretty obvious he's injured. That's the entire reason I came over. But yeah, Saki Nousagi over here. Fighter's Guild. Grimm Guild," she said. Ignoring Kassandra and Cassima's wariness, she tried to approach Rowan and lower herself to get a better look at him. "Unless you guys have healing magicks, I can take him over to an infirmary and get him patched up. Would you like that, Mister Navarre?"


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    Re: It Stares Back At Me [Open]

    Post by Silverion on Fri Nov 02, 2018 11:55 am

    ... Wait, she wanted everyone to drop their weapons? That alone made Kassandra look at Cassima with a look of slight confusion and wariness. "... Holstered is enough for me. You can pick your weapon back." She said, as the man commented again on how he reached the state he is. And his answer made Kassandra squint her eye at him for a second. Either he was being too secretive, or she was not wording her question correctly. She wasn't very good with words anyway, so it wasn't like she was going to give him a noogie for not reading her mind, but it still made her sigh.

    "... I mean what were you doing prior to your current situation. Were you on a boat trip? Trying to travel somewhere? Or did the storm interrupt your fishing session?" She said, her tone going a bit slower not to insult his intelligence, but to make sure she was as clear as possible. And then the introductions came, which made her think 'might as well'. "Kassandra Yoxall. From, Eisleyn." She said, hesitating a bit when she was about to mention her hometown. At Saki's request, she shook her head. "'Afraid not. And I don't possess any medicine either, I was aiming to get some the next town I encountered."

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    Re: It Stares Back At Me [Open]

    Post by Sunnivale on Sat Nov 03, 2018 7:20 am

    Cassima was weary, mostly at Kass and Rowen...But not at Saki. She seemed the least threatening due to her willingness to help Rowen. She looked back at Kass, who was weary at her, even when she told her to put her weapon back.

    But then she revealed where she was from.

    "Your from Eislelyn?" Cassima lowered her weapon. "How, grateful to hear that. I am also from Eislelyn." Cassima pointed out before doing a bow to Saki, Kass and Rowen.

    "Cassima Addington." She introduced herself to the trio before looking at Rowen. "Yeah, if you're not busy wanting to get you're heals wound then where were you going?" She questioned Rowen, putting away her dagger as she approached the trio.


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    Re: It Stares Back At Me [Open]

    Post by KitKet on Wed Dec 12, 2018 10:59 am

    Thankfully, it seemed the peaceful option won out in the end.

    Each was quick to introduce themselves in kind, some gave affiliations and backgrounds as well. Rowan simply nodded along until Kassandra reframed her previous question, instead asking him WHY he had been sailing.


    "I'm from Sakigake. I was traveling, trying to find any ports near here. I had some goods to trade but..." And he left it at that. Despite the fact that he was told he could pick up his weapon, Rowan opted to not try and bend down again, at this rate he might lose his balance and fall. Kicking up the spear wasn't a good idea either, a quick movement might be mistaken for an aggressive one.

    A small smile tugged on his lips as Saki called him "Mr. Rowan." "Ah, please, nothing so formal. Just call me Rowan and, yes, an infirmary would be appreciated." As the conversation went on, it seemed they were insistent on helping him not die on the shores of their land.

    How altruistic.

    "Is there a town nearby?"

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    Re: It Stares Back At Me [Open]

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