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    Day 03: The Masquerade Ball; Ceremony Proper [Open]


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    Re: Day 03: The Masquerade Ball; Ceremony Proper [Open]

    Post by Sunnivale on Sun Sep 30, 2018 9:04 pm

    Cassima briefly turned to Higini, getting tired of him slowing her down. "Come on. We mustn't dwindle, or else the thief will get away. Come on, hurry!" Cassima insisted urgently. When he got closer to her she smiled.

    "I can make things go faster if I grab you're hand."
    Cassima offered.

    But she quickly turned when she saw someone that had encountered the red cloaked woman fall into a slumber when the woman fired back two orbs of light towards his forehead. Cassima watched as the man slumped onto the table he was at and fell into a deep slumber.

    "Great, she has a sleep spell. Be careful if she fires anything towards us when we get to her." Cassima advised Higini as she continued to chase after the woman. She pointed out where the woman was going.

    "She is entering the empty streets. Hopefully we can corner her somewhere there." Cassima turned to Higini.

    "Do you want to come or do you want to stay. I would feel guilty if I let someone at this party get hurt. I feel like I have dragged you into this situation by force." Cassima asked Higini as she slowed slightly down for him.

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    Re: Day 03: The Masquerade Ball; Ceremony Proper [Open]

    Post by Kemp on Thu Oct 04, 2018 5:27 am

    Maia's eyes widened in horror. That incantus, that monster was that stupid cat she had met a while ago? It towered over Liseran and the guy she was with, and he seemed ready to do whatever he intended to do. The guy seemed to get right to work in trapping him, but Maia was already terrified.

    She had never seen one like that before. All the time an incantus came up to her or when she saw one, it was always in the form of a smaller animal. Non-threatening, easy to hide. Maia wasn't afraid of those ones, despite the power they held within. But this? This was something entirely different. She felt her chest get heavy at the site of such a beast. If she interrupted now, she was almost positive she would die. Especially with having no possible way to fight back.

    She pinned herself against the wall and clamped a hand over her mouth. Her thoughts began racing. 'What do I do? I should get some expiate officers over here, but what if he takes down Liseran and her companion?! Or what if he follows me back to the feast and people get hurt? But I can't just stay here and do nothing!'

    In her state of internal panic, her foot moved slightly. Her shoes made a loud scraping nose against the ground. She froze, her blood turning into ice. Maia wondered if they had heard her. What would happen then?

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    Re: Day 03: The Masquerade Ball; Ceremony Proper [Open]

    Post by Silverion on Wed Oct 10, 2018 2:00 am

    Higini looked at Cassima with a look of utter disbelief. She practically stopped to argue politics to a couple strangers while they were chasing a thief, and then when he tells her to hold up because she took off without him, she complains that it is him slowing her down? The thief would have been out of sight by now thanks to their interruptions, yet the lack of self awareness was truly baffling to him.

    And just when he was going to argue her, she offers her hand. Awkward! "Uh, no, I'm fine." He said, a slight blush appearing on his face, even if he still felt miffed. "Let's just go, we will lose her!" Luckily, she still managed to remain in sight, as they saw her red handed stealing from an innocent man. Said innocent man managed to catch her, but then she cast a sort of magic spell that made him drop dead! Higini's blood run cold, if it wasn't for the fact that he could even hear the man's heaving snoring.

    "Oh geez." He let out, as Cassima mentioned it was indeed a sleeping spell. "Yeah, we need to be careful." He was very close to saying 'you' instead of 'we', as Cassima has been running a head of him a lot, making her much more open to being a target than him. And also because she was being pretty reckless, but hey, he was also chasing a thief, right?

    "..." And just when the thief was taking to the streets, Cassima was worried about her dragging him into this? "But, I was the one who began the chase." He said in an incredulous manner, before rubbing his face with his hand. "You know what? It doens't matter, let's just try to find that thief, she can't have gone too far." He said, as he continued running into the open streets.

    Goibniu meanwhile, was rather surprised by the appearance of the behemoth. Was this even legal?

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    Re: Day 03: The Masquerade Ball; Ceremony Proper [Open]

    Post by Chidarake on Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:12 am

    Eun immediately stopped her circling and staggered backwards, her mouth twisted in a snarl, as the ground in front of her exploded into flames. Each and every little thing... not only was this girl a nuisance, using her fancy tricks to get in the way every time, but this was the second time she'd used one involving fire. If her beautiful white fur got singed black, she was gonna make sure one of those mages gave her compensation!

    Her expression changed into one of confusion, though, as the fire and earth began to shift and form into an actual thing. Common sense really wasn't going to apply in this fight, was it? And now the girl was probably hiding behind the monstrosity she created, hoping it would solve things for her. Well, if common sense was going out the window, then maybe it was time to play a little game... the bottom of the golem creature seemed to be made almost entirely of fire, and even though she couldn't see through the flames, Eun found it perfect - it meant that Amber probably couldn't see through it either. So, as the golem reared back its fist, Eun twirled her spear around in her hand so that she was holding it aloft, point in front, and after rolling forward to dodge out of the crashing punch of the golem, she threw the spear forward into the flames, the golden metal flying through to the opposite side towards where she imagined a certain frightened mage would be crouched and hiding.

    She immediately took off to try and make her way around the golem, because whether her trick worked or not, she was going to need her weapon back.

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    Re: Day 03: The Masquerade Ball; Ceremony Proper [Open]

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