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    Day 01 Fighter's Guild Contest Fight 03; Jack vs Axus Marshall


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    Day 01 Fighter's Guild Contest Fight 03; Jack vs Axus Marshall  Empty Day 01 Fighter's Guild Contest Fight 03; Jack vs Axus Marshall

    Post by Lilac on Tue Jul 17, 2018 3:26 am

    The sky was clear and the crowd was jumpy with anticipation. The area has been cleaned and swept fresh in preparation, tiny particles of salt sprinkled along the ground to maintain traction. Without the four dozen contenders crammed into it, the arena stage seemed a lot more spacious. The stone blocks are arranged to a solid square measuring 35x35 meters. It was plenty of room for a one on one fight, but the risk of stepping out of bounds is prominent.

    All of the onlookers looked excitedly on as they brought out the fighters paired to contend. The rules were simple. Weapons and magic were allowed in any form but killing is forbidden. Any style of fighting is allowed as long as the view of the audience is not obscured from the main action. No outside interference allowed, etc etc. The winner gets to proceed to the next round, the loser gets booted. The fighters were placed right center of the stage, ten meters apart from each other and an even space away from the boundaries.

    Dr. Marshall stood opposite of his opponent, doing standard stretches with a cheerful look. He brushed back his crew cut and pushed in his glasses. His lab coat rustled with each movement and the smile on his face never wavered.

    "On this side we got Dr. Axus Marshall! Former soldier and now local doctor right here in town! Don't let his youthful looks fool ya folks! He's a cartic scholar and trained thoroughly in martial arts! This is his fifth year contending in the contest and he hasn't disappointed yet! Watch out for his flash-step! You won't know where your eyes are looking!"

    The young doctor gave a wave to the crowd as they cheered him on.

    "And here we have a mysterious little gal just calling herself Jack! We got a wildcard here folks! Let's see where this goes!"

    The ref took a few steps back to give the pair a moment for a verbal exchange.

    "Don't worry little one, I'll go easy on you," the doctor smiled encouragingly at Jack. He was wearing a pair of turquoise-colored arm guards made of overlapping plates. He didn't seem to have any other weapons on his person. "So how does a little thing like you fight? You couldn't make through that scuffle with magic alone. Hey, you didn't get hurt, did you? I can treat your injuries first if you have any."


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