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    Day 02: Golem Show


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    Day 02: Golem Show  Empty Day 02: Golem Show

    Post by Lilac on Mon Jul 16, 2018 9:31 pm

    Golems, artificial constructs built to perform menial tasks or act as guards for nobility. Earthen based materials like clay are the easiest used in the construction of these by cartic mages. The ability to construct golems is reserved by those who specialized in the craft as it is a difficult process. Only the highest academics are capable of creating good-quality golems and so they have gathered to show-off their masterwork to the public. Golems come in many types, shapes, sizes, and material makeup. There were ones that looked like multiple massive boulders bound together by magic magnetism. There was one that looked like a hulking metallic brute with massive arms and brandishing the form of an armored knight with a feather plumed helmet. There was even one molded from clay into the likeness of a fifteen foot tall Aldmerrow king, sitting on a giant stone throne looking down on everyone with a fierce gaze as if saying "Worship me or I will step on you."

    The grandest one (debatably second grandest) was the massive golem of sandstone and clay made by a Saadedge mage that stood towering thirty feet high on its haunches. It had the likeness of a monster, the head triangular and reptilian, a thin frame but with thick arms and stone stubs for fingers, large enough to grip and lift a large object but it seemed primarily meant for smashing.

    The golems were a spectacle but they were still essentially potential weapons of war gathered in one street for public swe. A handful of expiate officers were positioned in the area, overlooking the events. Their duty didn't stop them from buying rock candy and rock salt ice cream so the armed guards didn't cause much tension at all. The golems are never particular threats anyhow as they are only as threatening as their programming which at the moment was "stand still but look cool".


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