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    Eat or be Eaten 2 - The Somewhat Disappointing Reboot to the Original; [side quest - Up to 4]


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    Re: Eat or be Eaten 2 - The Somewhat Disappointing Reboot to the Original; [side quest - Up to 4]

    Post by Lilac on Sun Jul 15, 2018 8:19 am

    Eun relaxed her tense muscles as the fight ended, looking around. The group of three seemed to work well together, meaning she'd need to pay a bit more attention to them if she wanted to be able to cooperate smoothly. Hopefully the other two would do the same. She began to wipe off the blood that had stuck to her spear using the grass, finishing up by dragging it across the long blades behind her once they began moving.

    As the professor started speaking excitedly about the chimeras bodies, she shook her head slightly but listened and smiled at the same time. It was fun to see someone keeping their morale so high after a fight, but she was better at the stabbing than the slashing, so taking off heads would be everyone else's job. She'd just try to continue to focus on hitting the key weak points. Her ears perked up at Mirai's question, causing her to turn her head, but her response was simply a shrug and holding her hand out, her thumb and index finger about an inch apart. She had fought a few beasts since she had begun wandering, but nothing large or noteworthy; those she just ran away from. The exception this time was that the effort it took to take them down would be rewarded with money.


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    Re: Eat or be Eaten 2 - The Somewhat Disappointing Reboot to the Original; [side quest - Up to 4]

    Post by Silverion on Tue Jul 17, 2018 6:45 am

    The attack she executed seem to have worked, as the Chimera was attacked relentlessly by every side. Eventually the professor pointed out some sort of weak-point to the enkidu, and while she would have gladly tried to score a hit for herself with Edgar's indications, Koga was closer, was already making his way towards it, and had his blades-on-blades weapon that made him a danger to get close to. The aggravation in her face was pretty clear, but she had no choice but to jump back, as the Chimera was struck down at last, kicking and screaming before ultimately relenting.

    Letting out a sigh, Emily cheered everyone for defeating the monster, while Mirai also complimented everyone present. "..." There was a grumpy look on her face, but she chose to focus on Mirai by nodding at her. In the meantime, Edgar was making some sort of discovery regarding the nature of Chimeras while Koga urged everyone to follow him. Putting her sword over one shoulder, she merely overheard him and Mirai make possible suggestion about them, when she eventually turned to Kassandra and Eun to ask about their interest towards Chimeras.

    Almost like Eun, she merely shrugged at her. "You can say that, I guess. I had a few battles here and there, mainly in jobs like this. Not often I come across a big one like this though." She said, as she showed how she was actually hearing the professor speak with the following comment. "Getting more information on how to combat these fiends is not something I'm opposed to, as long as you and your companions don't plan to use us as bait." She said, referring to herself, Eun and Mirai. Perhaps Edgar was one of the 'good' educated folks, the kind that are not willing to sacrifice strangers for results, but she had one eye left, and she was planning on using it to watch him over.

    And if he can get back on the sack of fleas for calling him a 'witch' then that would be the good bonus.

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