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    Paradoxum; (Closed, single post)  Empty Paradoxum; (Closed, single post)

    Post by Lilac on Sun Jul 15, 2018 4:05 am

    It was evening out on a certain stretch of road, alongside one of the numerous forest that covered Aldmerrow, and a group of bandits, having had no luck all day, had shot out to encircle a lone figure walking down the road.

    "... Wha? Didn't we already run across you?" the short figure in the middle of them remained quiet, even as one of the bandits moved in, his hand gripping the long brim of her hat. "Well, nobody to save ya this time, so why don't we get a look at that fac- H-Huh?" the figure managed to pull her hat free by continuing forward, a faint mist leaving his body as he remained perfectly still.

    "... Oh, God!" another gasped as he watched his companion's skin pale. He tried to call in a retreat, but as he took a breath in, pain shot through his lungs. He began coughing, dropping to his knees as a hand shot up to cover his mouth. The wet sensation in his palm caused him to pull it back, his eyes glancing down to see the red frost now covering it, the fine slivers of ice sparkling against their red backdrop. His vision was fogging up, tiny little lines starting to show, and his lungs refused to suck air in or even push them out, despite his agony from what felt like thousands of tiny little pins in them. He could feel his heartbeat slowing as she approached, and with a struggle, his eyes managed to shift to scan the area.

    None of the others were moving, and the first, in his awkward half-step, lost balance and fell over, his humanoid form scattering as he impacted the ground. Mist rose from the pieces before the second's eyes finally focused on the young girl before him, a long ponytail resting on her left shoulder and cold, glowing eyes staring down at him. She wore a large pointed hat, a rather ornate coat which framed the red dress she worse underneath, and immaculate red shoes. His vision skewed further; one eye still saw one image, but the other was seeing the same image fragmented into different angles. His mind realized it wasn't much different from a shattered mirror; his eye had cracked. His last good one could only stare up at the small girl's face.

    She looked back in a manner akin to someone finding an ant on their finger. She was looking down not at another, but a lesser lifeform, with just a small hint of disgust.

    "... Disappear." Her quiet command was the last thing his brain registered. The bandit's heart now frozen, his body was left staring up into the night sky as she passed, continuing on into the silent darkness. The next morning, a patrol would find the soaked and destroyed bodies, thawed out by the morning sun.


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